This is constantly changing, so not necessarily completely up to date.

The SAON Data Catalogue is generated by harvesting information on available datasets from a number of data centres. The mechanisms used in the harvest are indicated here and the recommended data documentation standards are indicated here.

The actual data centres that are being harvested are listed below (alphabetical order, links to be added for each data centre):

Data centre Location Comment Types of data
AWI / PANGAEA DE Harvested, information on which project to harvest is required. Generic repository
CAFF   Exploring possibilities  
CCADI CA Exploring possibilities, aggregating Canadian stations  
CNR Italian Arctic Data Centre IT Harvested Generic repository
Institute of Marine Research / NMDC NO Harvested Oceanography
COAT NO In progress Biodiversity
EUMETSAT INT In progress Remote sensing
FMI FI In progress Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Remote sensing
ICOS EU Exploring possibilities CO2
IGPAS PL No catalogue available, harvesting directly from datasets Atmosphere, cryosphere
IOPAN PL Harvested Oceanography
KOPRI KR In progress, no direct link to data in discovery metadata. Generic repository
NCPOR IN Exploring possibilities Generic repository
NILU / EBAS NO Harvested Atmospheric composition
NIPR / ADS JP Harvested Generic repository
NSF Arctic Data Centre US Exploring possibilities  
NSIDC US Harvested Cryosphere
Norwegian Meteorological Institute / Arctic Data Centre NO Harvested Meteorology, oceanography, cryosphere
Norwegian Polar Institute NO Harvested Generic repository
UKPDC UK Harvested Generic repository
University of Silesia / Polish Polar Database PL Harvested Generic repository
World Glacier Monitoring Service CH Harvested Cryosphere


Datasets from the data centres listed above are actively harvested into the data catalogue or in the process of being added to the catalogue.